From the moment The Jellyfish Project began our students were fully engaged. The music
of Carmanah and the content of the presentation was relevant and impactful. It is not an easy thing to captivate an audience of 530 middle school aged children... but our students were captivated!
— Steve DeVito, Principal, KVR Middle School Penticton - April 2019
Skaha Lake Middle School had the pleasure of hosting the Jellyfish project presentation and the band Carmanah on April 10, 2019. The band was excellent and added a nice tone to the presentation. The presentation itself was very well done. The message was very clear to the kids, something needs to change or we are going to destroy our environment. The presentation was so impactful that we now have two environmental groups at our school energized to make changes in our school and community. Motivating middle school aged students can be a challenge. The Jellyfish presentation did an excellent job outlining the issue but open the door of opportunity for students to start making changes. Thank you Jellyfish project and Carmanah for the excellent presentation.
— Terry Grady, Principal, Skaha Lake Middle School - April 2019
From booking the event to the actual presentation, the team at the Jellyfish Project went above
and beyond. The organizers and presenters were genuine, passionate, knowledgeable, and
very well spoken. The live performance added depth to the slideshow presentation and
captured the attention of students and staff. The content was relevant, age-appropriate, had
depth, and very much connected to our curriculum. The teacher resource package was
comprehensive and applicable to many different subject areas. From teaching about
environmental awareness to providing useful tips on how to take action, the messages shared
by The Jellyfish Project are invaluable and are vitally important for our youth. This is a fantastic
presentation that we would highly recommend booking!
— C. Brockway, Sullivan Height Secondary, Surrey - April 2019
You guys are such gifted musicians (I’m grooving out to YouTubes of you at the moment, and just ordered your CD) and your important and vital message was so expertly delivered. Kids were talking and you’ve made an impact. Hopefully we’ll be able to use your show as a touchstone for action. We are lucky to have folks like you spreading such a critical and honest message. Telling the kids that “it’s not their fault, but that’s it’s their problem” is so sad, but true. You’ve inspired me to think harder and commit to more action to make our planet happier.
— Jenny Ayers, Penticton - April 2019
I highly recommend the Jellyfish project to any school. Students will be entertained,
educated and empowered to make sustainable change. I appreciate the authenticity of the
performers and how they model sustainable living for our students.
— Darcy Mullin, Summerland Middle School - April 2019
On behalf of Stelly’s Secondary School, I would like to thank you for coming to our school to perform today. Our students were totally engaged in your music and your powerful message. Students were empowered to make a positive difference by following the simple steps you outlined. As an older “adult”, I am inspired by young people who use their passion and talent to motivate other young people to take action…. that is you!
— Tina Pierik, Vice Principal, Stelly’s Secondary, Brentwood Bay BC
Mindil Beach has appeared at two Burnaby schools and each performance was very well received by our students. I sincerely hope they will return to Burnaby in the near future to educate and entertain us once again. I was really impressed by their music, the quality of their slide show, and the articulate manner of each band member. The Jellyfish Project is a fantastic opportunity for schools to raise environmental awareness and I highly recommend them coming to your school.
— Ron Coleborn, Program Consultant: Mathematics and Science, SD41, Burnaby BC
Thank you for your wonderful performance at our school today! Your original music combined with your knowledge and passion for taking care of the environment allowed for a special presentation for our students and staff. You have asked that the students and staff continue the dialogue on being socially and environmentally responsible – your presentation will absolutely inspire our learning community to do so. All the best to you, and thank you!
— Louie Scigliano, Principal, Glanford Middle School, Victoria BC
We had the Jellyfish Project present and perform at our annual “Do It Green” Conference which is organized by the Burnaby Youth Sustainability Network. The BYSN is a youth network composed of Burnaby high school students. The band was very professional and put on a great show followed by a very powerful environmental message. Their presentation was seen by over 500+ secondary students and the positive student response was phenomenal. Could best be described as energetic, powerful, engaging, and thought-provoking. We will definitely be continuing a positive relationship with the Jellyfish Project and hope that they will be able to perform for more of the schools within our district.
— Ron Hall, Director of Instruction, Burnaby School District, Burnaby BC
The Jellyfish Project presentation is energizing, educational, and inspirational. This was a great opportunity for our school to learn about sustainability in a fun and musical way. The band members are well informed on current environmental challenges and are passionate about spreading awareness to others. This presentation not only engaged our students about the environment, but also demonstrated the value of music. I would highly recommend this experience to any school or youth program and I thank the band for an amazing performance and educational discussion.
— Cynthia Berenyi, Teacher, Spencer Middle School, Langford BC
The Jellyfish Project did a fantastic presentation at our school. The music was excellent and had everyone wanting to dance along. The presentation that followed was incredibly informative and provided both students and teachers with insight into how our actions affect our environment and how we can be responsible citizens and make sustainable choices. The presentation was very inspiring and challenged everyone to think about the choices they are making
and how those choices might be affecting the environment, the oceans and the world around us. The band had an excellent approach to students and got their message across in a way that had the students both captivated and inspired. It was a truly a pleasure having them perform and present at our school and we would highly recommend the group to all other schools.
— Jennifer Kenyeres, Assistant Principal, Georges P Vanier School, Calgary AB
I teach some of the most profoundly disabled students in our district. A huge challenge for me is to expose my students to communal experiences that positively affect each and every one of them in a meaningful way. As I looked down the row of my incredible students during the concert/presentation of The Jellyfish Project, it brought tears to my eyes because every one of my kids were grinning ear to ear and were totally focused on what was unfolding in front of them. Thank you for enabling us all to have this wonderful experience.
— Anonymous Low Incidence Teacher, Shoreline Middle School, Victoria BC
The Jellyfish Project presentation was fantastic. It combined great music
and pictures to convey a powerful message that brought tears to my eyes.
 The JFP brings hope for our generation to stop global warming.
— Student, Earl Marriott Secondary School, Surrey BC
When we accepted The Jellyfish Project’s offer to perform at our school we were a little unsure of what we would get. What we got was a group of very talented young musicians that kept our students riveted for 75 minutes. The students were engaged throughout the concert and many commented that it was the best musical assembly ‘ever’. The music had a wide range of styles that seemed to connect with all of the students. We appreciated their environmental message directed at keeping our ocean’s healthy. We are already looking to have the group back for another concert.
— Wayne Friesen, Principal, Highland Secondary School, Comox BC
The band’s performance draws the crowd in and brings them together, first through music and then through a common purpose. Delivering a presentation that is informative, interesting and easily understood by a multitude of age groups, they educate students about the current state of our world’s oceans and marine life . The Jellyfish Project is entwined with purpose, passion and most importantly, hope. They educate and inspire change.
— Dana Asher, Teacher, Port Coquitlam BC
We’ve had The Jellyfish Project visit us twice and we’ve been very happy both times. They have great music and a great message and if you have the opportunity to have them perform at your school, I encourage you to do so.
— Tessa Davis, Music Director, Revelstoke Secondary School, Revelstoke BC
Big thanks to The Jellyfish Project for coming in! Their music was really enjoyed by the students and they also had a great message about climate change and global awareness, specifically about the health of our oceans. Thanks very much for coming to our school today!
— Robert Keith, Assistant Principal, Branton Middle School, Calgary AB