School Presentations

The Jellyfish Project School presentation has been presented to over 100,000 students!

The Jellyfish Project School Presentation is a unique and powerful assembly focussed on generating awareness among youth about ocean sustainability, climate change, and environmental stewardship. Through the power of music and live performance, students are engaged into the environmental conversation and are given information on how to become active participants in the sustainability movement.

Available to all Canadian middle and high schools, a typical presentation begins with a high energy performance by a Jellyfish Project band.  The performance grabs the students’ attention, earns their respect, and serves as a perfect segue into the band’s extremely important environmental messages.

Delivered through a polished and captivating slideshow, including images, animations, and videos, the band members present a stunning portrayal of the environmental crisis our planet is currently facing.   Students are educated on topics such as overfishing, plastic pollution and climate change and are empowered with the knowledge of responsible consumerism, renewable energy, green career options, and the power of the internet and social media for global action and change.