Daniel Kingsbury | Co-founder & Visionary

(February 18, 1987 - June 1, 2015)

Daniel Kingsbury was a musician, life-long entrepreneur, award-winning filmmaker and passionate environmentalist. From a young age, he received accolades for his artistic prowess, community involvement and social consciousness. His deep respect for the environment stemmed from his childhood on the Sunshine Coast, BC where he worked as Youth Coordinator for the local outdoor club, owned and operated a video production company, raised the seed money for and founded the Music for Youth Endowment Fund, received an award for ‘Most Inspirational Student’, as well as a plethora of music-related scholarships and bursaries.

After high school, Daniel moved to Victoria where he attended the University of Victoria and co-founded Mindil Beach in 2009 and The Jellyfish Project in 2011. Daniel believed music to be the most powerful vehicle for large scale societal change and he worked meticulously and ardently as Executive Director of the organization during its formative years to ensure The Jellyfish Project would reach its potential and earn its place as an essential piece of the environmental movement.