"We're mobilizing the music industry to speak up for the environmental realities of our time and the solutions to overcome them!"

Daniel Kingsbury

Board of Directors

William (Bill) Campbell | Board Member
Bill is the founder and President of Skyway West Business Internet Services and a member of two Internet industry lobby groups: the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA Alliance), and the Canadian Network Operators Consortium (CNOC). Skyway West specializes in private networking and prioritizing, bonding and fail over of Internet access services. Living on BC’s Sunshine Coast and seeing first hand the environmental threats to our waters and lands motivated Bill to champion ocean sustainability and to use his skills and knowledge to work for a truly sustainable planet. Bill is a NCCP certified baseball and basketball coach.


Sharon Belanger | Board Member
Sharon is an accomplished graphic designer with more than 25 years of experience. Before founding Belanger Design Studio in 2000, she worked as a senior designer at Jager Design Inc., Kent Allan Design Studios and at Marksmann Communications in Sydney, Australia. Her passion for protecting the environment has led her to lend her design skills to many projects that educate the public about, and advocate for composting, recycling, air quality, and water conservation.


Steve Robins | Board Member
Steve is the publisher of a Quebec-based lifestyle magazine as well as Montreal tourist Guides and App: Plaisirs de Vivre (Living with Style), Le Guide Prestige Montreal, I Gotcha Montreal. Steve has sat on the Board of Directors and Foundation of a Private High School and College and chaired numerous committees. A runner who practices yoga and pilates, he has coached baseball and soccer teams, and is a sensei in Budokon, a form of martial art. Steve is compelled and determined to contribute to environmental solutions that make a difference


Bronia Kingsbury | School Bookings Coordinator
Bronia has a profound appreciation for the natural world and the arts. As an environmentalist and artist, she uses the landscape as her pallette. She is an ardent gardener of flowers and food, a community volunteer, a business manager, editor, and sits on the board of the Coast Cultural Alliance on the Sunshine Coast, B.C.


Robbie McFarland | Board Member
Robbie is an aspiring CPA and works for an global accounting firm. He grew up on the Sunshine Coast where his love of nature took shape among the ocean and the trees. He has had a couple of profound moments impact his life and lead him towards environmentalism. The first was in 2006 when he saw Al Gore's documentary film, "An Inconvenient Truth," and the second was in 2012 when he saw Mindil Beach present the Jellyfish Project live to students in a Toronto High School. He hopes to help influence businesses to use more sustainable practices in order to create a better future for everyone.

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Roderick Campbell | Co-Founder, Artist, Web Support
Roderick Campbell is a professional musican and an environmental educator, touring regularly with his band, Mindil Beach. Upon graduating high school in 2005, Roderick received the Governor General's Academic Medal. He then attended Simon Fraser University on scholarship, where he studied health sciences, and in 2009 spent a full semester in Kenya and Uganda as part of the Study in Africa program. With a fresh perspective, Roderick moved to Victoria, BC to pursue his true passion, music. Since co-founding The JFP in 2011, Roderick has worked tirelessly to deliver the program to every corner of the country. Roderick looks forward to expanding the reach of the program and helping it flourish internationally. 


Quy Le | Online Marketing Specialist
By trade, Quy Le is an online marketing consultant and digital strategist, but by heart he is a passionate environmentalist. His dedication to marine sustainability is proven through his endless hours of volunteer work for local conservation organizations such as WWF-Canada and the Vancouver Aquarium, where he won a conservation award amongst volunteers. Using his extensive experience in online marketing, Quy assists The Jellyfish Project with social media and strategic marketing planning. His hope for The Jellyfish Project is to see it proliferate into a world-wide initiative that educates and empowers youth to take action to help create a sustainable future for generations to come.


Justin Samson | Documentarian
Justin is a professional photographer, outdoor enthusiast, eager environmentalist and musician. He has spent the last three years working as a photojournalist for one of Canada’s top community newspapers, Coast Reporter. Justin has been a finalist at the BC/Yukon community newspaper awards for the past two years. Justin has joined The JFP as photographer/videographer and will be documenting the JFP story. He hopes the JFP will help lead our generation into a sustainable way of living.


Georgia Cyr | Advisor
Georgia has always had a profound love for oceans, mountains and trees. Since childhood, she has often sought their comfort and companionship, and has soaked up many adventures and made many memories in their midst. After studying Human Resource Management and Marketing at university in Australia, and traveling around the world, Georgia found her way home to the West Coast of Canada to open a yoga studio. She loves to use yoga as a means for self-inquiry, and encourages her students to open their hearts and recognize their interconnectedness with everything around them. She wholeheartedly believes in the JFP message and is passionate about helping to create a sustainable world for future generations.