Saanich News - The Jellyfish Project Sounds Off On Ocean Devastation

Pat Ferguson, left, Steve Biggs, Laura Mitic and Marek Olsen of Carmanah perform at Mount Douglas secondary as part of a presentation by the Jellyfish Project, an initiative that educates high school students on environmental issues relating to oceans and climate change. The eco-conscious indie four-piece talked about the damage caused by overfishing, wildlife endangerment, plastic pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. — Image Credit: Jacob Zinn/News Staff

Pat Ferguson, left, Steve Biggs, Laura Mitic and Marek Olsen of Carmanah perform at Mount Douglas secondary as part of a presentation by the Jellyfish Project, an initiative that educates high school students on environmental issues relating to oceans and climate change. The eco-conscious indie four-piece talked about the damage caused by overfishing, wildlife endangerment, plastic pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

— Image Credit: Jacob Zinn/News Staff


By Jacob Zinn - Saanich News
Published Oct 27, 2015

An Island-based coalition of musicians and environmentalists is educating high school students on how to save the planet – before it’s too late.

Last week, Mount Douglas students got an eye-opener from The Jellyfish Project, an initiative that uses live music to engage younger generations on important environmental issues relating to oceans and climate. The group puts a focus on overfishing, wildlife endangerment, plastic pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, all of which have had devastating impacts on the Earth.

Victoria indie folk quartet Carmanah – named after the Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park in Port Alberni – performed a short set before telling students how 30 per cent of carbon emissions get absorbed into the ocean and how raising the Earth’s temperature by another degree would be catastrophic.

“It’s hard to have a good balance of getting the devastating facts out there and then providing the solutions and the inspiration for the kids,” said drummer Steve Biggs. “Nobody wants to bring them that news that things are looking pretty grim, but I think the word of mouth is huge. It only takes one mind out of a million to do something amazing.”

An eco-conscious band by nature, Carmanah joined The Jellyfish Project after hearing about it from founder Daniel Kingsbury, formerly of Sunshine Coast rock band Mindil Beach Markets.

“We had already been somewhat active in the environmental scene in Victoria – we’d played a couple anti-pipeline rallies and shows like that,” said lead vocalist Laura Mitic. “We loved the idea of going into schools and chatting with youth and being inspired by them and inspiring them.

“They challenge us with their questions and they inspire us to keep doing this because they’re also making us think and reflect on our own lifestyles.”

The group tries to lead by example, highlighting the many ways they’ve reduced their environmental impact, such as drinking from reusable water bottles, trying not to have food waste and touring in a vehicle that runs on used deep fryer oil.

“It’s nice to work towards being carbon neutral,” said guitarist Pat Ferguson. “We’re hoping to do a tour bus one day on veggie oil.”

The group also suggests numerous ways students can do their part to protect the planet, from reducing plastic consumption and promoting environmental awareness on social media to eating sustainable seafood and getting green jobs.

“There are so many entry points and I think that’s what the presentation tries to highlight,” said Jessica Lansfield, executive director of the Jellyfish Project. “Not everyone’s going to march down the street with a sign, but maybe they’ll talk to their family and friends.

“There’s a place for everyone to be in the conversation and engage.”

Carmanah is planning a tour around Vancouver Island later this year and will be available to do presentations at schools with The Jellyfish Project.

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The Jellyfish Project Is Back On Tour

Over the next two weeks, Mindil Beach and Carmanah will be on tour to schools throughout the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.  

Oct 16 – Mindil Beach @ Pitt River in Port Coquitlam
Oct 19 – Carmanah @ Mt. Doug Secondary in Victoria
Oct 21 – Mindil Beach @ King George Secondary in Vancouver
Oct 22 – Mindil Beach @ Maple Creek Middle School in Port Coquitlam

We are currently booking additional performances on Vancouver Island and looking to expand our bookings in 2016. Please contact us for more information or to request a performance. We will do our best to accommodate your request based on band availability and scheduling options.

Vote In The Upcoming Federal Election

The Canadian Federal Election occurs on October 19th. If you are old enough to vote, 18 years of age or older, register and pick a candidate. You are the generation that can create change. It is your time to make a difference in this world! Make sure your voice is heard.

If you cannot vote in this election you can still get involved by encouraging those around you to vote and letting them know what issues are important to you.

The Jellyfish Project Artists Take Over Canoe Brewpub On Nov 21st

One Night, Music, Silent Auction, Feature Beer Specials and 50/50 contest. Do not miss this incredible one night of music to support an amazing program. 

Mindil Beach and special guests will be taking over the Brewpub! Join the party and bring a friend!

We are raising funds to assist our School Presentation Program, which is an environmental and educational initiative focused on generating awareness among youth about the health of our world's oceans, climate change and our environment at large. Through the power of music and live performance, The JFP engages students in the environmental conversation and gives them information on how to become active participants in the sustainability movement, thereby building the next generation of environmentally aware citizens.

To date, The JFP will have delivered its message to over 55,000 Canadian middle and high school students and more schools are waiting for presentations. Our upcoming fundraiser and silent auction will help us to reach these schools and spread our message across Canada within 2015/2016.

Have questions about The Jellyfish Project Takes Over Canoe? Contact The Jellyfish Project.

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Not able to make it, donate online and help us continue to conduct our School Presentation Program.

Press Release - The Jellyfish Project Tours Again

The Jellyfish Project is an educational and environmental initiative that uses the power of live music and performance to support younger generations of active citizens and is performing for schools across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island this October.

VANCOUVER – Two of The Jellyfish Project’s bands, Mindil Beach and Carmanah are setting off on tour to inspire youth to become environmental stewards.

Oct 16th – Mindil Beach @ Pitt River Middle School – Port Coquitlam

Oct 19th – Carmanah @ Mt. Doug Secondary School – Victoria

Oct 21 – Mindil Beach @ King George Secondary School – Vancouver

Oct 22 – Mindil Beach @ Maple Creek Middle School – Port Coquitlam

The format of the School Presentation Program is simple: one school assembly, one rock music performance, and one message – the world’s oceans and climate are in trouble. Musicians discuss how young people can contribute to solutions.  So far this format has reached over 55,000 students at 106 schools across the country. The Jellyfish Project is preparing for a Fall Tour in British Columbia and will expand to other schools throughout BC, Alberta, and beyond in 2016. To book a presentation at a school near you or for more information please contact

“In my twenty-three years as an educator, I have rarely seen a presentation and organization as powerful and forward-thinking as The Jellyfish Project…Their leading-edge presentation, combining inspiring music and well-researched information, has evolved into an incredible support for the young people.” - Mark Neufeld, B Ed. MSc. Institute for Global Solutions

“They are role models who are exciting, approachable and engaging. These artists are a pleasure to watch, but also to interact with and it will be a pleasure for you to watch the students viewing this program connect to these talented professional artists and the environmental messages that they carry.” - Judy Fainstein, Youth for Environmental Stewardship, British Columbia

Mindil Beach is currently participating in the Peak Performance Project and Carmanah recently returned from a cross-Canada tour in a vegetable oil-fueled van. In addition to these projects, our artists are dedicated to sharing environmental messages and solutions with youth. View The Jellyfish Project’s Promo video here:   

- 30 -

For media inquiries

Jessica Lansfield | The Jellyfish Project

1-800-688-5021 ext 4 of 250-884-4107 (cell)


September JFP Update


The next step in Mindil Beach’s Peak Performance Project journey is their upcoming showcase at Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver on Thurs, Sept 24th. It will be the first of four showcases featuring the BC PPP Top 12. The other artists playing that night are Bed of Stars and Joy District. If you are in Vancouver, don’t miss this show!

Tickets are $12 in advance and can be purchased by clicking here.

For more detailed info, check out the FB event page.


Carmanah performs at Rifflandia Festival/BreakOut West in one week and they are thinking of getting new hair and make-up done for the gigs - what do you think?? If you are in Victoria, join Carmanah at one (or both!) of their showcases:

Thurs, Sept 17th - 12:30AM at the Copper Owl
Friday, Sept 18th - 9:30PM at Anian


Corrina Keeling took over the Artist on Board position with Via Rail this month and performed gigs across the East Coast from Dartmouth and Halifax in Nova Scotia to Fredricton in New Brunswick. We look forward to having her back on the West Coast and hearing more about her adventures and changes in perspective. 

We are currently booking shows for all of our artists for the fall. Do not miss a chance to have The JFP at your school. Spots are limited so tell a teacher or your principal to book a presentation today!


Photo by Kristian Harper

Photo by Kristian Harper

We have some big news!! The witty and wonderful Jon WilliamsThe Zone 91.3 FM midday host, has agreed to be one of our advisors. His intelligence, community-mindedness and knowledge of the major events and issues in the music industry will be essential as we continue to develop our programs. His biography and photo will soon be posted on our website, so keep an eye out.


Get to know your choices and take action by voting. Here is a great site to stay informed. Students who want to learn how to get involved in the federal election can visit Student Vote.


We launched the Jellyfish Action Project today! The JFAP is an experiential environmental learning initiative that educates youth about environmental stewardship, energy and water conservation, waste reduction, responsible consumerism and environmental toxins through student-led environmental assessments and group research projects.

Check it out online and feel free to share with the teachers and students in your life.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!