Good News

Learning about the environmental crisis can be overwhelming and terrifying. You might be wondering: How can our world leaders have let this happen?, How did it get this bad?, Why are people not talking about this more?, or Why didn't I know about this already?

Well, now you know. And as Albert Einstein once said "Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act." It's now up to us to take action on behalf of future generations. It might seem like the odds are against us, but there is some good news. As fast as our environment is being destroyed, a movement to end the destruction is gaining momentum. Every day, thousands of people around the world are waking up to these realities and joining in the movement to create a sustainable future where our children and our grandchildren can thrive. There is hope. We, as a species, can turn things around, but we do need to act now.

Around the world today, there are hundreds of thousands of organizations fighting the good fight and standing up for environmental and social justice issues. Collectively, these organizations make up what is now the largest movement of all time. This is a very exciting, and very important time to be alive!