Penn Johnson

Hometown: Marion, MA, USA
Genres: Folk

Penn Johnson is a folksinger and storyteller based in Marion, MA. In 2015, Melodeego's Mark Files Schwaller produced his debut album 'For The Trees,’ which was inspired by his time in Northeast PA with the Energy Justice: Shale Initiative. Over the past year, his style has mushroomed into an amalgamation of hysterical, despondent, and evocative stream-of-consciousness story songs that’ve been compared to Todd Snider and Arlo Guthrie. His sophomore album ‘Experiencing Turbulence’ is in its beginning stages of creation.

In the past, Penn has worked with Bill McKibben/ and shared the stage with The Mighty Stef, Roots of Creation, Harsh Armadillo, Able Thought and many others. He's been featured on UCONN’s WHUS Radio, Boston’s WEMF Radio, and New Bedford Public Access Television. He's performed at the Philly March Against Monsanto, UNH’s Solarfest, UVM, Lehigh University, and Brown University as well as festivals, cafés, bars, restaurants, and venues from Vermont to Florida.

For The Trees is available on to purchase/stream on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, CD Baby, and other platforms. Penn tour around to build awareness around fossil fuel extraction, relieve burnt out activists/students, inspire others, and share his stories.

20% of 'For The Trees' proceeds go to the Energy Justice: Shale Initiative

"The fracking fight is the classic David v. Goliath battle--and just as David was a master of the lyre, so it helps to have a fine musician like Penn Johnson deep in the middle of this combat!"

-Bill McKibben, author & founder of

"Penn Johnson is an unstoppable force of nature. An environmental activist writer and artist finding sweet refuge in telling his stories through song. A hungry and passionate performer. Less than a year ago I witnessed and very much encouraged his emergence as a singer songwriter. Now, with a full length album to his credit he shows himself to be a formidable touring and recording entity. If you are looking for a change of heart or a change of mind look no further than these songs."

-Stefan Murphy, The Mighty Stef


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