Our Mission

  • 'The Jellyfish Project Society' is a non-profit organization that uses music, live performance, and learning resources to generate awareness and provide education on ocean sustainability, climate change and environmental stewardship.
    • Our aim is to mobilize the power of the music industry to promote environmental awareness and activism.  We believe that many bands are aware of these issues and care deeply about the state of our environment, but do not know how to be a part of the solution in an impactful way. The Jellyfish Project (JFP) provides an answer to this need and provides bands with realistic opportunities to meaningfully engage in the environmental movement.
    • The universal language of music is something that reaches almost all people regardless of age, gender, race or religion. Adored by endless millions worldwide, music has the power to save lives and change the world. It has been and will continue to be the voice of generations. The inspirational power and influence that musicians have over their legions of loyal fans is unmatched in any other field of entertainment.  It is the belief of The Jellyfish Project that the mobilization of the music industry to promote environmental awareness and activism in our audiences could be the catalyst to the tipping point for the most essential revolution of our time: the transition to environmental sustainability.

Our Values

  • Music, The Arts & Creative Expression
  • Youth Engagement, Community-building, Education and Environmental Stewardship
  • Taking Action Towards a Sustainable Future
  • Acting with Respect, Compassion and Loving-Kindness