Hometown: Byron Bay, Australia
Genre: Roots

Mapstone's music brings together ancient traditions with modern music in a symbiotic merging of sound and ceremony, honouring all who have been, all who are and all who are yet to come.

Singer/songwriter, Chris Mapstone (Canada), has been playing the guitar and writing lyrics for 15 years. As a world traveller, Mapstone’s songs have been influenced by rich cultural and musical experiences, and his musical repertoire consists of playing the guitar, didgeridoo, percussion, harmonica, wooden flutes and singing. His lyrics reflect his passion and understanding for equality, freedom of speech, self reflection, relationships, and the environment.

Chris resides part of the year in Byron Bay and continues to play music around the world; his journey with music and self-discovery have very much been linked - it has been and continues to be a forever changing and expanding process. Chris believes that music is a very potent and strong spiritual practice, and if done with awareness and intention can have a profound effect on the performer and listeners included. With this approach Chris and his fellow musicians draw on the moment and co-create a transformative energy through the music.

Chris says “In this new time music is not a commodity, it is once again a ceremony, a celebration, a practice that can help all of us live more mindfully, more connected to ourselves, each other and our surroundings.” He continues: “this is such an incredible opportunity to create and manifest beautiful things, and music is pure manifestation, it rises from nothing and then dissolves again as it passes from moment to moment, waiting in the silence only to rise again.”

Chris now plays and creates music through Mapstone, Sacred Sonics* and other collaborations, creating the opportunity to express in limitless ways. His connection with indigenous communities around the world and other deep spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation and shamanism continue to have a profound effect on his song writing and channeling.

Working in ceremony and concert, this coming New Year this is the time for Mapstone to offer his music to the world and he is in full heart and commitment to do so.

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