JP Maurice

Hometown: Vancouer, BC, Canada
Genres: Rock, Pop

Adversity has never defined JP Maurice. The seasoned Vancouver/Toronto based musician, producer and songwriter knows the highs of his craft, but it’s in the lows that he finds his fire. The muscular pop/rock tracks of Maurice’s debut solo album The Arborist, reflects an artist who can take a bad day, a failed relationship or dark experience and forge it into an anthem.

“I‘m a pop music lover at heart. I love songs with a defined chorus and lyrics that are fairly emotional and based around melody,” he said. “I tend to write when I’m unhappy or sad and not feeling fulfilled. Sometimes it’s somewhat therapeutic.”

And for a time, Maurice needed the catharsis only songwriting could provide. In 2008 his former band was signed to a major label and his career trajectory was seemingly headed upward. But the relationship didn’t work out and Maurice found himself without a band or a label.

“I’m in a really good place right now but I was feeling lost for a while… I had a lot of lofty expectations as to how things would turn out,” he said.

When it didn’t work out he decided to start fresh and embarked on a tour of Europe to reanalyze his musical path. And since returning he’s spent a lot of time working on his own music and producing for other artists.

“I’m worrying less about what people think and focusing on being true to my art and my craft and hopefully positive opportunities will come from that"

And the praise has already begun. Late last year he released The Arborist and since then Maurice has been featured in Canadian Music week, performed at North By Northeast, toured Canada and his music has been in regular rotation on radio. The first single off that album was Good Feeling.

“It’s an anthem for self-destruction. It’s kind of like tongue and cheek. It’s talking about being excessive and living an unhealthy lifestyle and telling yourself it is a good decision and it’s actually the opposite,” he said.

His current single, The Other One is an example of Maurice at his best. The meaty guitar riffs underscore unapologetic lyrics that are drawn from his own life.

“It’s a personal song about an experience about life with someone else. The words are very literal. It’s about longing for someone and not being able to have them,” he said. “It’s anthemic synth rock, layered with synthesizers but has a blues rock feel. It’s synth blues.”

Maurice is preparing to release a video for his 4th single off The Arborist titled Poison Heart. He described the sad ballad as the “best song Taylor Swift didn’t write all year.”

After a summer of playing the festival circuit, writing and producing, Maurice has returned to the studio to record his next 2nd full length solo album entitled Retriever.

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