Jason Lowe

Hometown: Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Genre: Poetic, Ambient, Composition

Jason Lowe is one of a kind. 

The 26 year old Visual Artist and Composer resides in his hometown of Newcastle, NSW Australia, but has been living and touring in Canada for the last 2 years performing over 150 shows across British Columbia and making an indelible mark on the west coast scene.

Jason’s live shows are an experience like no other, and embody an emotion, poetic and musical power, and wisdom that have been likened only to such greats as his heroes Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. The former of which he had the honor to meet, an enchanting story that fans delight to hear at his live shows.

His astounding abilities both as a composer and performer, as well as his prodigious skills on the lap slide guitar and acoustic guitars, vocals and harmonica, are mesmerizing and awe inspiring.

With supports for the likes of Jeff Lang, Eric Bibb, Jeff Martin and Dan Mangan, and performing back to back years at Australia’s prestigious “East Coast Blues and Roots Festival” alongside such artists such as John Fogerty, Don Maclean, Xavier Rudd and John Butler just to name a few, and receiving national airplay on Australia’s Triple J radio and Canada’s CBC network, the years ahead are no doubt going to prove monumental for this astounding young artist.

Excerpt from his 2012 album:

"This album was born from a time of wandering solitude in lands afar, and of time spent in soul companion company. Recorded mostly within the walls of a house nestled in the native Victorian bush, upon a hill up a long red dirt road. These songs are of nature, of adventure and destiny, of longing and separation, and of the immense earthly destruction that plagues our time. A time that healing will make, or continued injustice and ignorance will break. But most of all, these songs are of love, the core essence in every one of them. For the songs that speak of darkness come from the love of light. I hope you enjoy them."

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