Illvis Freshly

Hometown: Victoria, BC, Canada
Genre: Hip Hop, Rock, Funk

Illvis Freshly is a funky, bass heavy, hip-hop monster. They’ve blended the classic sample heavy hip hop sound of the 90s with live rock n roll, guitar, rapping, and turntablisim. The two MCs, Danimal House and Doc Zoo, bring high energy, raw, and unforgiving lyrics with crazy flows and a wide variety of content and themes. DJ Mt Doyle is always on point, scratching, mixing, and keeping the party live. Phil Lyons absolutely shreds the guitar, captivating the crowd with face melting riffs and his ridiculously entertaining antics. Illvis Freshly's debut LP entitled “What Chu Know About Illvis?” received huge support from the world-wide Hip Hop, Funk, and Electronic scenes. 2015 was a big year for Illvis Freshly, winning Best Urban/Electronic Recording for their song “On The Breaks” and Group of The Year from the Vancouver Island Music Awards.

Illvis Freshly is set to release their follow up LP "Illenials" this fall. They have had the chance to share the stage with many incredible acts including Souls Of Mischief, Fort Nox Five, Merkules, Too Many Zooz, Zion I, Skiitour, Stickybuds, Sonreal, Jesse Roper, Ghettosocks, Emotionz, Scott Jackson, Fresh Killz, Father Funk, Featurecast and many more. Illvis Freshly has been able to bring their feel good party vibes to a number of amazing festivals such as Atmosphere Gathering, Shambhala Music Festival, Rifflandia, Electric Love, and Tall Tree Music Festival. Illvis Freshly is on a mission to bring their funky fresh sound to the west coast music scene.

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