Friends & Allies

Nereida Marine Education
Developing educational material intended to promote awareness of how anthropogenic activities are threatening our oceans, and to inspire actions that will work towards healthier oceans.

A not-for-profit, unparalleled centre of learning, connection and cultural transformation.

GreenLearning Canada Foundation
Better Teaching. Better Learning. A Better Tomorrow. Empower your students to create positive change. The best web-based teaching tools for an evolving world. Developed by teachers, for teachers. Easy to use and always FREE.

Fish Eye Project
Building an ocean-conscious community by connecting people to the world’s ocean in an entertaining, engaging and educational way, and through the use of innovative technology.

Green Angel Training Program
Training Eco-Ambassadors through online education, outreach, and applied behaviour change research.

Directly Affected
A film produced by Zack Embree and Raincoast Conservation Foundation documenting the story of an export-only pipeline corroding Canada's environment, economy and democracy.

Skyway West
Vancouver-based Business Internet Provider offering network solutions and internet access to businesses across Canada and the US.