Friends & Allies

Nereida Marine Education
Developing educational material intended to promote awareness of how anthropogenic activities are threatening our oceans, and to inspire actions that will work towards healthier oceans.

Love Your Mother

Love Your Mother is about our relationship with Mother Earth. It's the only one we've got. In the face of climate change and other global overshoot challenges, our home planet desperately needs our active attention and respect. In particular, this site is dedicated to informing, inspiring and empowering youth to speak up and act up ... as well as getting adults to respond quickly, continuously, and comprehensively.  It's our future. It's our children's future.

A not-for-profit, unparalleled centre of learning, connection and cultural transformation.

GreenLearning Canada Foundation
Better Teaching. Better Learning. A Better Tomorrow. Empower your students to create positive change. The best web-based teaching tools for an evolving world. Developed by teachers, for teachers. Easy to use and always FREE.

Fish Eye Project
Building an ocean-conscious community by connecting people to the world’s ocean in an entertaining, engaging and educational way, and through the use of innovative technology.

Green Angel Training Program
Training Eco-Ambassadors through online education, outreach, and applied behaviour change research.

Directly Affected
A film produced by Zack Embree and Raincoast Conservation Foundation documenting the story of an export-only pipeline corroding Canada's environment, economy and democracy.

Skyway West
Vancouver-based Business Internet Provider offering network solutions and internet access to businesses across Canada and the US.