Hometown: Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada
Genres: Indie/Ambient Pop


Close your eyes at a Chersea show and you would think there are a half dozen people on stage. But when you open them, you will find there is only one person on stage: Chelsea Laing. Surrounded by a myriad of instruments, Chersea uses her loop-stations to create dark, ethereal walls of sound one minute, and makes you dance to electro-pop the next. All driven by her powerful voice, and poetic lyrics she conjures dream-like soundscapes and hypnotic worldly rhythms for an indie-pop sound like no other.

Since winning the 2013 Boss Loop Station Canadian Championship, Chersea has stolen hearts, captured minds, and bent ears across the country. She has performed at CMW, Rifflandia, Whistler Film Fest, Seasons Festival (2015), has another stop planned for CMW 2015, and an album release for summer 2015.

Her debut EP Grey Matter came out in mid-2014 to strong reviews, and she earned a spot in the Regional Finals for Vancouver in CBC’s 2014 Searchlight Competition, as well as won first place in LG104.3’s vanCOVER competition for the month of December. Chersea also became a Top 12 Finalist for the prestigious British Columbian Peak Performance Project for 2015, in which she's a current contender. With no sign of slowing down, Chersea is already looking forward to 2016 and the planned release of Vipera. Like its namesake, the album has a bite that will make a lasting impression, with the a dreamy sound and layered vocals that will haunt your grey matter for days.

Watching [loopers] single-handedly build layer upon layer to create rich soundscapes in real time is fascinating, and Chersea does a fantastic job at that.” 
- 3am Revelations

How can one human have this much talent?” 
- Ride the Tempo

"The poppy beats and vocal sincerity are what will stand out—an excellent sample of both her debut and performance.
 - Greyowl Point

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