Jellyfish Project Presentation at B.C. Shellfish Festival

JOIN US for the 1st ever Jellyfish Project Fundraiser and Live Music Presentation on Tuesday June 14th @ The Sid Theatre in Courtenay, British Columbia!

This event will help you to better understand the current climate realities we are facing globally and the challenges we are facing to sustain a healthy Earth.

Please join us to learn more about ocean health, sustainability and how YOU too can become an environmental steward!

This event is being hosted in collaboration with the B.C Shellfish Festival in Courtenay Tuesday, June 14th.

Doors at 6:30pm. Show starts promptly at 7pm.

*Opening ceremony
*Music performance and From the Stage video presented by Old.Soul.Rebel
*A message from our board of directors
*Music performance and JFP Ocean Health and Climate Change Education Presentation (as seen by 63,000 students across Canada) presented by Joy District
*Final thoughts and Q&A period


We'd like to say a huge thank you to all of our sponsors for making this event possible.