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Musicians in order of appearance
Buckman Coe
Corrina Keeling Music
Isobel Trigger
Joy District
_Song –by Chersea Music

Videographer: Marty Clemens

Creative Direction: Marty Clemens & Jessica Lansfield


Buckman Coe: The Jellyfish Project is a global coalition of musicians united for our environment and our future. This is a call to action to use your art, your music, your passion, to speak about what is important to you.

Our From The Stage Program supports musicians to speak to their audiences about the environmental realities of our time.

Corrina Keeling: Sharing a musical experience gives us the
motivation to walk the path. The happier, the healthier and more connected we become, the more equipped we are to come up with real solutions.

Buckman Coe: Right now our biggest challenge is climate change, our environment. The big call to action is to speak up for the planet, speak up for Mother Earth as a whole.

Lenny Parkins:: We are a brand new band to the project and we are already noticing and feeling the momentum behind the movement and behind the whole organization.

Eli Hilberry: The more good acts and friendly faces that join the more inspiring it is for everyone involved.

Buckman Coe: Join us at The Jellyfish Project.
If you are an artist and are interested in being a part of the movement. Register for our From The Stage Program. For more information, please visit or email

Other FTS artists include: Jean-Paul Maurice, Speaker Face, Deep Sea Gypsies, Mindil Beach, Penn Johnson, jamisun, Mapstone, Jason Lowe, Des Larson, Lady Emci and many more are on the way! Join the movement!