MOVEMENT 108 - 2nd Anniversary AMAZING RACE - Proceeds support The Jellyfish Project

By clicking 'get tickets' at
gets you enrolled in celebrating 2 years of Moving at 108. We'll be hitting the streets of the 604 to move in all the ways while completing tasks given on the day. Think scavenger hunt meets The Amazing Race. Choose your team wisely, we've got 4 return tickets to Haida Gwaii - usable anytime in the next year - for the team who wins. 

Our goal? Raise awareness for The Jellyfish Project, celebrate our people, party into the night. For all participating AND for those who can't make the afternoon, we've got an evening affair which will include all the food you can eat, drinks, DJ Cootbouillon, awards for the last 2 years (think gold stars), and a few friendly faces.

The after party will take place at Circle Studio's Open Air @ 390 Industrial avenue starting at 7pm so go ahead and buy that spectator ticket if you can't join the race, we'll meet you there! 

All proceeds from this event will be donated to The Jellyfish Project