A new partnership with Movement 108 - for a brighter future!

We are incredibly excited to announce that starting now, Movement 108 will be providing on-going support to The Jellyfish Project, so that our programs will continue to flourish and support the creation of future generations of environmental stewards. 

On the surface, Movement 108 is an intimate studio in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia focused on providing intentional body movements through workouts using body weight, TRX, kettlebells and functional movement in a balanced approach to exercise. On a deeper level, Movement 108 is also a community supporting its members, and the broader environment, to thrive. Their mission is to provide its members with an optimal environment to learn, move well, work hard and socialize.

The connections between human health and the environment are extensive. As Aaron De Jong, the founder of Movement 108, suggests "the act of moving around and feeling good in our own body directly relates to the greater function of our external environments and we need the outside world to thrive in order for us to have the freedom to choose how we spend our time". 

The following paragraphs are taken from Aaron's latest blog post, and they provide insight into why he is passionate about continually supporting The Jellyfish Project and how other individuals or businesses can support this organization as well:

Movement108 has been a pretty cool little organism.  It started as a small idea and bit-by-bit has grown into where we are now.  I’m not entirely sure where ‘that’ is but we’re here nonetheless. Because of the inspiring people that roll through the doors and choose to invest in themselves, we’re now in the position to invest outside of ourselves. 

Since 108 opened, we’ve been part of different charity initiatives and events that are close to my heart or someones who is a part of the studio.  We (all of us working here at the studio) have decided that we want giving to be an ongoing part of our studio fabric.  We’ll do this in a few different ways - but - on a more consistent basis, we are announcing a new partnership with a charity called The Jellyfish Project. The Jellyfish Project is a non-profit organization that uses music, live performance, and learning resources to generate awareness and provide education on ocean sustainability, climate change and environmental stewardship.  

Every month we’re taking half of the proceeds that our new friends at class-pass are paying at the studio and donating them directly to The Jellyfish Project. As we adapt our environment in the studio and create more attendance, our donations will rise.  We are trying to give in support of a clearer tomorrow and in that, our relationship with The Jellyfish Project is one that can’t change. 

Funds will go towards bringing on new and inspiring bands, tours to schools and making this content as accessible as possible. To turn back on donating to this cause would mean stepping away from realizing the true need for change and to be admitting this project doesn’t have value.  With neither of those options a reality - I am challenging you: fellow business’, studios, organizations, or individuals - find what you can and support this project or one like it. For ourselves and generations to come, I believe we all want an environment that we are proud of and can live healthily in.  

To a brighter (if conducive to that climate), more educated future,

For more information on the environmental focus or how you can donate visit: www.thejellyfishproject.org