CREATIVITY & THE FUTURE - Thanks for the Lesson Fernie!

Whoever you are, whatever talents you have, you can be a creative and inspiring force in this world! 

In February, Fernie-based DJ Lady EMCI and her amazing group of volunteers held a fundraiser for The Jellyfish Project. Our breath was taken away by this group's creativity, resourcefulness, artistic-abilities and community-mindedness. Special thanks to Patrick Belisle for sharing his photography skills and to all the local artists and businesses that donated their time and energy!

For this futuristic, space-themed event, the whole focus was to recycle, repurpose, to have fun and be creative. At the same time, these artists brought awareness to the way we live and treat our environment. Changing the way we interact and use our resources on this planet can be an awesome, fun and incredible experience!

Huge thank you to our Jellyfish Project Fernie-based family and volunteers for leading the way!