February 2016 Update!

WOW, this is our first Newsletter of 2016 and we have a lot of exciting things to share with you! This one is dedicated to Daniel Kingsbury, one of our co-founders.


We are excited! Over the next few months, three new artists Joy District, Des Larson and Penn Johnson will be undergoing training to provide school presentations. Meet the new musicians who will be taking the message on the road this spring. Joy District and Des Larson will be focusing on tours in Canada and Penn Johnson will be taking to the road in the United States. Book a presentation with us, via email to booking@thejellyfishproject.org or via this link our website. We will do our best to accommodate your request based on band availability and scheduling options.

Joy District

Joy District

Joy District:

An alternative rock band comprised of brothers Eli and Jordi Hilberry and lifelong friends Lenny Parkin and Keelan Gamble, all hailing from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The deep, unspoken bond between Joy District's members contributes to their collaborative writing process and the high energy shows for which they are known. Infectious vocal melodies, thick harmonies, a rock solid rhythm section, and gripping

Des Larson:

Des has been writing and composing music since 2011. Known to be a man of many hats. A singer who appreciates the simple life.

Des Larson Now

Des Larson Now

Des Larson Then

How Des became a musician: “At a young age I knew that I wanted to become a performer. These early moments would later shape the happiest years of my life. This is me singing at 2 and 1/2. Some say that I am a natural performer; I believe this may be the case. I’ve been working on my stage performance all my life! I loved to sing and dance to the sounds of my grandparents old record machine. I was often encouraged to make noise when jamming along to the song “wipe out” on the pots and pans. As a child creating music was fun. Today I stand here with my acoustic guitar and I still believe it.”

Penn Johnson:

Penn is The Jellyfish Project’s first United States-based presenter. This is how he describes himself as a musician:

Penn Johnson

Penn Johnson

"Long story short, I'm a wanderer with a habit of making stories rhyme. In 2015, I recorded my debut album For The Trees and it's gotten me to here. Many miles, shows, campfires, beach sleeps, and story songs later, my lyrics speak to a relatable version of self. Timeless, soulful, and groovy, these songs and ramblings admit my lack of answers and beg for further exploration into consciousness and human purpose. My sophomore album ‘Turbulence’ is gonna be released in 2016. The first single off that album's about the human race being Recycled. The other songs are about trees, bees, and keepin the peace. We're all one earth, one family, and it's time to live that truth, but no one said we wouldn't experience a little turbulence along the way. “


We were accepted into the ArtStart BC program to present to students across BC in the next school year! Carmanah starts off this collaboration with a presentation to over 500 BC Educators and students on March 1st in Vancouver.  As part of this program, Carmanah will be going on tour all over British Columbia for a few weeks next school year and representing The Jellyfish Project along the way. We couldn’t be happier to have Carmanah on board and to be collaborating with ArtStart BC. Over the next few months, Carmanah are focusing on writing and creating new music to wow their audiences.  Stay tuned for their new releases, your ears will be in for a treat!

For more information on the incredible ArtStart BC program, take a look at their website and keep your eye out for the familiar faces of Carmanah.


Thank you to all of the schools that made The Jellyfish Project Tour to Montreal and Ottawa so incredible! We presented to five schools on this tour (see the list below) and even had Radio Station Hot 89.9fm put on a dance party for the students after the presentation in Ottawa. 2016 certainly started off right!

·         Monday, January 18th, @ JPI

·         Tuesday, January 19th, @ Laval Junior Academy

·         Wednesday, January 20th, @ Assumption Catholic School in Ottawa

·         Thursday, January 21st, @ Dawson College

·         Friday, January 22nd, @ Lake of Two Mountains High School

Here are a few photos of the incredible tour!

As a result of our last tour, we have presented to 60,000 students in over 120 schools!!  Thank you Montreal and Ottawa, you are amazing! In the Spring of 2016, Corrina will be touring again. So be sure to tell schools and educators near you know about our School Presentation Program!


The Jellyfish Project has inspired musicians, artists, businesses and a host of people in Fernie! As a result, Wildlife Productions is proud to announce a fundraiser for The Jellyfish Project, held downtown Fernie at The Royal on February 27th, 2016.  There will be a Silent Auction of local art starting at 9pm and lots of prizes from local shops to give away.  Here is a poster of the event created by MC Tremblay, aka Lady ECMI!

The event is going to be fun and the more creative you get the better! Wildlife Production sets the scene:

The year is 3065. There have been huge changes to the planet, the human race has been destroyed by Global Warming, the acidification of the ocean, the collapse of the ozone layer and lack of resources. There was an enormous explosion that sent organic and electronic debris that started mutating together in the heart of the instellar cloud of dust known as Nebula. This mutation gave birth to a new amazing species called Recyclobots. Here gravity doesn’t exist. Imagination is reality, everything is possible. Every creature is authentic! In this new world nothing is wasted, nothing is created and everything is recycled.

Be creative with your costumes, we would love to see a futuristic and spacey creation using recycled materials. Music by local DJs: Charlie The Messenger, Lady EMCI, and Flatspin.

For more information on the event, visit the Facebook event page

If you are not able to attend the event, you can donate online to help us continue to conduct our School Presentation Program. Every little bit counts, so thanks for being a part of our team and helping to make the world a better place!


What are you doing in your schools, homes, or communities to help the environment? We are looking for students, teachers, and schools to share with us the projects and activities you have been doing to help make this world a better place. Be creative, send us a picture, write a story, or send us a quick update via social media and we will share your stories with our community. You can inspire others by the work you are doing, so send us a message.


There are more awesome updates coming shortly.