Daniel Kingsbury's Passing

It is with great sorrow that we share with you that The Jellyfish Project co-founder, Daniel Kingsbury (DK), passed away unexpectedly on Monday June 1st, 2015. He was our soul mate, our friend and our foundation. DK was a beautiful soul, whose passion, talents, kindness and dedication to the environment inspired us all. Words cannot express how he will be missed. Thank you for the out-pouring of support and concern. 

Among his many achievements, DK was an award-winning videographer, accomplished musician and respected environmentalist. Yet his greatest gift was his care for others and the planet; he held the entire world in his heart. Many people from all walks of life have shared their connections and memories of him with us. We invite you to continue to take time to read the tributes others have left on social media, such as the Tall Tree Music Festival's heart-felt tribute to Daniel and share some of your own treasured memories.

Always motivated to make the world and the lives of others better, DK was a warrior focused on positive actions. If you wish to honour Daniel's life and be a part of his legacy, please connect with us. Here are some potential ways you can be involved:

1) Create: Use your talents to support the environmental movement (write a song, paint a picture) and share it with us via social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

2) Engage: Volunteer with or donate to The Jellyfish Project 

3) Support Young Talent: Donate to Daniel's Music for Youth Endowment Fund 

4) Environment: Plant a tree, take a picture of you planting it and post it on social media using the hashtag #TreesForDaniel

5) Share: Listen to DK's music and share it with others. It was his final gift to the world. 

One of our family members wrote this final message, reflecting on Daniel's impact and we thought it was fitting.

"Life is change. Change plus love is growth. DK, you planted the seeds and it's on us to nurture your legacy and grow alongside it." 

We love you, DK.

With great sadness,

The Jellyfish Project Society Board