Go Diving Without Getting Wet: An Introduction to The Fish Eye Project

Submitted by Fish Eye Project

Have you ever wanted to go diving without getting wet? Do you want to see the unseen from the comfort of your computer or handheld device? Well, now you can.

Let's start with explaining exactly what Fish Eye Project is and what you can expect from our blog over time.

Photo by Scott Stevenson

For starters, Fish Eye Project is our nonprofit ocean education organization based out of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Who are we? We are a team of ocean enthusiasts with experience in education, marine exploration and conservation, international business, technology and live dive events. For more information about everyone involved, we encourage you to check out our bios.

But right now you're probably wondering what exactly it is that we do...

We connect people to the ocean in an engaging, entertaining, and educational way. How do we do it? That's a great question. First, we research interesting dive sites that our expert dive team can explore. Then, we host events and investigate those sites with our underwater web cameras, which we use to stream the dives live to the Internet so that people from all around the world can join us on our journey. But that's not all.

Because we stream our dives to the Internet on our Youtube Live Channel, not only can you watch us explore the depths of the ocean live from your computer or handheld device, but you can also ask questions using the chat box to learn about any of the creatures we come across. In addition to using the Youtube chat box, you can also engage with us through the social media outlets we use such as Facebook and Twitter; it's really easy, just post your questions using the hashtag #livedive and you can participate in the exploration from anywhere in the world.

You may be wondering: "Ok, but what's the point of asking questions if no one can answer them?" That's another great question, and we have an answer.

Photo by Scott Stevenson

Photo by Scott Stevenson

Our star diver, Valerie Mucciarelli, wears a mask that allows her to hear and speak from underwater. This means that while you watch Val and the rest of the dive team explore, she can communicate and answer your questions in real-time. And we receive lots of interest from viewers around the world (over 30 countries so far) who are also curious about what they are seeing; too many, in fact, for Val to answer on her own, so that's why she has some help. Our event commentators and co-founders of Fish Eye Project, Mike Irvine and Maeva Gauthier, facilitate and relay as many questions as possible directly to Val below the surface, so you might even get your inquiries answered from Val underwater.

Part of the Fish Eye Project also includes our Social Media Response Team that is made up of marine scientists and educators. Our SMRTeam also facilitate and help answer the countless number of online questions that we receive from our viewers during the live dives.

As you can probably tell, we love questions. Why do we love questions? Because your questions drive the explorations, which leads to discovery, and discovery leads to learning more about this wonderful world we call home. As Dr. Sylvia Earle once said:

"Knowing is the key to caring, and with caring there is hope that people will be motivated to take positive actions. They might not care even if they know, but they can't care if they are unaware."

Now that you have an idea about what we do, we can let you know what to expect from our blog at www.fisheyeproject.org. Over the coming weeks, months, and years you can expect to learn more about us as an organization; about our past and future live dive events; about some of the creatures we find during our dives, which will be highlighted in future Creature Feature posts; and so much more

Our mission is a life-long process, and we are excited to have you along for the journey, because when it comes to building an ocean-conscious global community focused on protecting the ocean we are stronger in numbers.

For now, watch Mike Irvine create history by successfully defending his Masters thesis live from underwater. Get ready to be Fish Eye'd!