Jellyfish Project Presentation at B.C. Shellfish Festival

JOIN US for the 1st ever Jellyfish Project Fundraiser and Live Music Presentation on Tuesday June 14th @ The Sid Theatre in Courtenay, British Columbia!

This event will help you to better understand the current climate realities we are facing globally and the challenges we are facing to sustain a healthy Earth.

Please join us to learn more about ocean health, sustainability and how YOU too can become an environmental steward!

This event is being hosted in collaboration with the B.C Shellfish Festival in Courtenay Tuesday, June 14th.

Doors at 6:30pm. Show starts promptly at 7pm.

*Opening ceremony
*Music performance and From the Stage video presented by Old.Soul.Rebel
*A message from our board of directors
*Music performance and JFP Ocean Health and Climate Change Education Presentation (as seen by 63,000 students across Canada) presented by Joy District
*Final thoughts and Q&A period


We'd like to say a huge thank you to all of our sponsors for making this event possible.

Xerephine and the Musical Activists Alliance connect with The Jellyfish Project!

Our From The Stage Roster is growing and we couldn't be more excited to welcome Xerephine Musi. Xerephine helped to establish the Musical Activist Allianc in the United States, we are looking forward to collaborating with this organization and its artists in the future! The more voices who are part of this movement the better. Please help us welcome Xerephine to The Jellyfish Project family!


Hometown: Lafayette, Colorad, USA
Genre: Etherial Faery Tale Folk, Electronic, Folktronic Fusion

Using her enchanting harp & bodhran, she will then loop up a storm or bathe you delightful electronic blissful bass. Her voice is like no other. Born and raised in the UK she carries celtic undertones and plays in an array of styles from upbeat ambient dance to entrancing meditative soundscapes. There is always something to dive into. Activism and a thirst for healing the earth and its inhabitants weaves its way through her lyrical web and lies at the heart of many of her songs. 

With special guests such as Fiddle player and Violinist Bridget Law from Elephant Reviva, Russian based producer Minde, Colorado Producer based Totem, and Drummer Gilly Gonzales of Lunar Fir and Kan'nal she weaves her sound in a slightly unique way each time. 

Xerephine has been performing on the Festival Circuit for some years with main stage performances at ARISE Music Festiva (CO), Sonic Bloom Music Festiva (CO), Tribal Vision Festiva (NM), Earth Dance (CA), LoveSeed Festival (CA) and many other stages large and small along the way. She has co-hosted musical based workshops with Ayla Nereo, Peter May and opened and / or collaborated with members of Elephant Revival, Rising Appalachia Musi, Katie Gray, The Luminarie and Lunar Fire amongst many others. Her Album "Mass Creation" currently has tracks being re-mixed and released by Russian producer Mindex and is being released under the record label "Time Resonance Music".

"Xerephine's music is creative and refreshing. Hypnotic songs dipped in magic and steeped in beauty . I love it. "
-Kurt Bauman (Sea Stars, Kan'nal and Adam Freeland Live Band)

"Channelling the spirit of the divine feminine in her ritual form, Xerephine offers us a ceremonial celebration shared in her uniquely beautiful modern expression. Through chants poetic, layered vocal harmonies and, she moves audiences to connect deeper to the vulnerable part of the human heart. Her willingness to stand firmly liberated on stage leaves women feeling empowered, and captivates her male counterparts. Xerephine is reincarnate Goddess "
- J. Brave (Luminaries)

MOVEMENT 108 - 2nd Anniversary AMAZING RACE - Proceeds support The Jellyfish Project

By clicking 'get tickets' at
gets you enrolled in celebrating 2 years of Moving at 108. We'll be hitting the streets of the 604 to move in all the ways while completing tasks given on the day. Think scavenger hunt meets The Amazing Race. Choose your team wisely, we've got 4 return tickets to Haida Gwaii - usable anytime in the next year - for the team who wins. 

Our goal? Raise awareness for The Jellyfish Project, celebrate our people, party into the night. For all participating AND for those who can't make the afternoon, we've got an evening affair which will include all the food you can eat, drinks, DJ Cootbouillon, awards for the last 2 years (think gold stars), and a few friendly faces.

The after party will take place at Circle Studio's Open Air @ 390 Industrial avenue starting at 7pm so go ahead and buy that spectator ticket if you can't join the race, we'll meet you there! 

All proceeds from this event will be donated to The Jellyfish Project